New Bern Now at a crossroads, our work depends on your support

Wendy Card delivering the Navigator Newspaper in New Bern, NC.

New Bern Now is at a crossroads, faced with a decision to continue operations or not. We’re committed to providing in-depth news coverage on issues that are important to you but our work depends on your financial support. People say, “shop local, eat local — support local business.” New Bern Now is one of those local businesses.

A couple of months ago, Todd and Becky Wetherington and Nicole Kirch joined me to stand up a small newsroom.

Todd Wetherington

Becky WetheringtonNicole Kirch








We hit the ground running and things are going well. But it takes time and money to operate a local newsroom. It also depends on whether the community buys in. We are currently prepared to publish another newspaper, but we need to pay staff first.

Over the past decade, local newsrooms have shuttered across the country because the traditional business model is no longer effective. People are advertising with Google, Facebook and other social media platforms, taking money away from local newsrooms and out of communities.’s monthly readership is at an all-time high at 62,500+ pages views per month. It’s taken 14 years to establish an operation where people can consume their news online as well as via audio, video and print.

The challenge we face isn’t with New Bern Now’s team. It’s about whether our community will support our newsroom in a way that allows us to keep our doors open and provide the kind of quality reporting our readers have come to expect.

Closing NBN would leave a gap in news coverage in New Bern and surrounding areas. It would mean the loss of local investigative journalism. There would be less human-interest stories, business and nonprofit stories, event coverage as well as reporting on disasters. Announcements and press releases from nonprofits and businesses may not receive exposure. A calendar of events, public notices and death notices would not reach as many people.

To help us continue, please consider becoming a paid subscriber. Name your own price and make a one time or monthly contribution by clicking here or below. Please note, there is a button on their website to choose to opt-in to pay a processing fee or not. Or send a check to NC Life Media, LLC, P.O. Box 13614, New Bern, NC, 28561. By subscribing, you will be making a difference in the community.

Our work depends on your financial support.

We appreciate everyone who has contributed to our efforts.

Wendy Card, owner and co-editor. Send an email with questions or comments.