Family Focused Non-profit Formed in River Bend

River Bend Community Action Group logo

In the town of River Bend, a non-profit organization has formed. It is the first ever here and it has formed due to a demand for family-focused fun-filled events. River Bend is changing. More younger working adults with young children are now calling River Bend home again as it once did and are looking to be represented in the events and activities around the town. A great example of the change is the recent vote to put two young fathers on this year’s Council.

Thus, River Bend Community Action Group (RBCAG) was formed. Three River Benders, Krysten Howard, Keenan Castranova and Kathy Noonan formed the non-profit in July of 2022 and despite being a “baby of a non-profit” they have done some great things for the community already.

RBCAG has hosted a Community Picnic, a Town-wide Halloween House Decorating Contest that awarded over $200 worth of prizes and Interactive Halloween Map that located all of the houses that were handing out candy. This brought the spirit of community to River Bend like no other events during this time.

RBCAG has collected dozens of coats for a Winter Coat Drive for the town’s less fortunate and donated them to the Peace Counseling Center. They have also recently crowned the winners of their 1st annual Family Christmas Tree Contest, offered a Christmas gift wrap service during Christmas time and many other wonderful ideas for the community.

RBCAG has also revived “Friends Helping Friends” which was formed over 30 years ago to provide medical supplies and transportation to and from medical appointments for River Bend residents needing assistance.

RBCAG is currently accepting donations and membership applications from anyone in Craven County, as you don’t need to be a River Bend resident to join. There are a lot of fun and exciting events that are planned for the future.

By River Bend Community Action Group