Arts of the Pamlico Seeking Community Input

Arts of Pamlico - Turnage Theatre in Washington NC

Great ideas can come from anywhere – something the Arts of the Pamlico (AOP) is counting on. Through the remainder of 2022, the AOP/Turnage Theatre is gathering community feedback to guide the nonprofit organization through the next few years.

Using a brief five-minute online survey, the organization asks a few questions and ensures responder anonymity. It doesn’t matter if participants have ever been to AOP or Turnage Theatre events or if they are regular attendees. Every opinion provides valuable feedback, and the results will be shared with the community at the end of the process. The survey can be accessed by visiting the AOP website (, at the theatre, or by going here.

“The community is growing, and we’re dedicated to growing with it,” said Beth Strange, AOP’s executive director. “Beaufort County has a vastly diverse population, and our goal is to serve the entire community. To do that successfully, we need their input as we create and execute a new strategic plan.”

Turnage Theatre in Washington, NC
Turnage Theatre in Washington, NC

The Covid pandemic was particularly tough on arts and entertainment venues, with many historic theaters and nonprofit arts organizations being forced to close permanently. AOP with its dedicated staff, board, and many volunteers was determined not to let that happen here. They continue to welcome the community back into the historic building for art shows, movies, concerts, and more. What that “more” is will be guided by the survey results.

“In our post-pandemic atmosphere and influx of new residents to the area, now is the perfect time to get the community’s input,” stated Heather Thienpont, AOP Treasurer. “Their interests in the arts and entertainment will drive the offerings that AOP and the Turnage Theatre will be providing through the next several years.”

In addition to the main Palace Theatre, which seats 432, the 32,000 square foot historic building includes two spacious art exhibition galleries, upgraded offices, two dressing rooms adjoining a large Green Room, a podcast studio, costume shop, and an extended lobby entrance. Additional initiatives already in the works include expanded community and business reservation opportunities, a remodeled catering kitchen, popular classic movies, nationally renowned children’s theater opportunities, and additional artist events.

For more information on Arts of the Pamlico including volunteer opportunities at the Turnage Theatre, or the 2022 survey, please contact Beth Strange.

By Mary Beth Poplyk