Learn How to be a Confident Communicator

Jane Maulucci

Whether you’re facing an audience of friendly strangers or making a pitch for your business, you can take charge of your nerves and be the most confident person in the room. Jane Maulucci, The Reactive Voice, will show us how to make an entrance, manage an audience, and deliver a message with a smile (when appropriate) and a boatload of certainty.

Jane has been on radio, television, and stage, both in front of the mic and working behind the scenes to make others look great. Now she’ll share her tricks of the trade to ensure we can boldly speak whenever we want. Join us for an insightful and humorous presentation on being a confident communicator.

Registration is required for all attendees. The registration fee of $27 includes a buffet dinner by the Chelsea. We request that all visitors-non members please prepay online when you register. You can click on this link to register and pay online. The registration deadline is 5:00 p.m. on the Sunday before the evening meeting.

Meal Cancellation Policy:

If you made a reservation and cannot attend, please CANCEL your reservation no later than noon on the Sunday before the evening meeting and no later than noon on the Monday before the lunch meeting, or you will be responsible to cover the cost of your meal.

By Michele Douglas