Craven County Monitoring Tropical Storm Ian

Exterior photo of Craven County Administration Building

Craven County Government is closely monitoring Tropical Storm Ian and its potential impact on Eastern North Carolina and Craven County. Craven County Emergency Services is following its established Emergency Operations Plan for storm preparation. As of Thursday morning, the forecasted impact to Eastern North Carolina is moderate with elevated water levels, potential flash flooding due to heavy tropical rains, minor river flooding, and strong winds and possible tornadoes.  Citizens are urged to make advance preparation for strong winds, heavy rain, and localized flooding.  High winds, heavy rain and flooding have the potential for life threatening conditions and widespread damages. Citizens need to monitor the forecast carefully as tropical storms can evolve and shift tracks.

Now is the time for Craven County residents to make sure they have a plan and are prepared for hurricanes and storms. Citizens are encouraged to check their Emergency Supply Kits and Pet Disaster Supply Kits for needed supplies. Also, prepare by having an adequate supply of flashlights, batteries, bottled water, non-perishable foods and medicines. Citizens using home oxygen are encouraged to have a plan for an alternative oxygen supply in the event of prolonged power outages. North Carolina’s Hurricane Guide preparation resource is available at and citizens are encouraged to be familiar with Know Your Zone

In creating a plan for hurricanes and major storms, residents are encouraged to know a safe place to shelter and to have several ways to receive weather alerts such as National Weather Service cell phone alerts, NOAA Weather Radio or follow the @NWS Twitter alerts. Mariners and boat owners should make preparations for high winds to secure all vessels and/or relocation of boats. Individuals planning to travel should use extreme caution and good judgment when planning travel routes and should never drive through standing or rushing water. Remember, “Turn Around Don’t Drown®.”

Craven County Government Emergency Management updates will appear on the Craven County website at, on the Craven County Facebook page @cravencounty and the Craven County Twitter account @cravencountync. Visit the Craven County website to register to receive emergency notifications via text, email and phone calls through the CodeRed Emergency Notification System.

By Amber M. Parker, Human Resources Director