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Unofficial Results for City of New Bern Runoff Election

New Bern City Hall

Update: Since Carole M. Dempsey is the Interim Director of the Craven County Board of Elections, we asked her to clarify the below information since Meloni Wray resigned, she responded via email on August 1, writing, “Canvass is Friday, August 5th, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. Meloni was correct-the City of New Bern cannot swear in newly elected officials until they receive the certification (by August 11, 2022). There are 12 provisional ballots.”

According to the NC State Board of Elections, frontrunners for the New Bern Runoff Election are Alderman Jeffrey Odham for Mayor, Rick Prill for Alderman of Ward 1, and Hazel Royal of Alderman Ward 2.

These are unofficial results as the Craven County Board of Elections will be canvassing until August 5.

According to former Director Meloni Wray, Craven County Board of Elections, “The elected officials for the City of New Bern cannot be sworn in until after they receive the official Certificate of Election.”

“The City of New Bern will set the date for the swearing in of the new elected officials.”

Here’s the results:


Jeffrey T. Odham                           Ballot Count:  3,183           Percent:  51.70%

Toussaint E. Summers, Jr.           Ballot Count: 2,974           Percent:  48.30%

Alderman Ward 1

Rick Prill                                           Ballot Count: 780               Percent:  56.44%

Sabrina Bengel                                 Ballot Count: 602               Percent:  43.56%

Alderman Ward 2

Hazel Royal                                        Ballot Count: 377               Percent:  52.51%

Jennell Reddick                                 Ballot Count: 341               Percent:  47.49%

For more results, visit the North Carolina Board of Election website.

By Wendy Card, Editor