Calvin Williams Seeks Election for Craven County Sheriff

Calvin Williams

My name is Calvin Williams, small business owner and candidate for Sheriff of Craven County as an Independent. I am neither Democrat nor Republican, and as an Independent candidate I owe no allegiance to any party and I will guarantee fair and equal treatment under the law. I don’t care if you are rich or poor, white collar or blue collar, employed or unemployed. The laws were written for everyone and everyone is, or should be, equal under the law but this is so seldom the case.

I believe the Sheriff should be the administrator of the department and not be in the field on patrols, etc. Field work, patrols, etc. should rest with the deputies. The Sheriff should not be directly involved in these matters unless specifically required to do so to mediate or defuse a situation otherwise the sheriff must be free to administer and supervise the department and to enforce the laws and departmental policies and guidelines.

I will also institute an “open door” policy for the public and especially for the deputies. The public must have trust in the sheriff’s office and know their interests will be foremost in my administration and that they will be able to approach me openly with their concerns; this is especially important for the deputies who already have a stressful and difficult job to do. As the manager/administrator of the department the Sheriff should be boosting the morale of the department and backing his deputies in all legal, ethical, moral, and official matters.

I was born here and have lived here my entire life and have been a proud blue collar worker and will stand with and for ALL citizens and not just those with money or the “elite” of Craven County. The North Carolina Sheriffs Standards Commission set out the ethical, legal, and moral obligations of a Sheriff. I intend to ensure that all standards are met with openness and true transparency.

You can’t institute change at the federal level without changing it at the local level. There is far too much favoritism at all levels. Elimination of  the issues plaguing the citizens of Craven County must begin at the local level and I pledge to pursue this goal to the best of my abilities.

The citizens of Craven County need a voice and those who know me know I will say what needs to be said and the outcry has motivated me to run for this office.

Part of my oath of office includes swearing to defend the Constitution of the United States as well as the laws of this state and county and I intend to do just that if elected. That means I fully endorse and will defend the Constitution of which the First and Second Amendments are enshrined as the first two rights of the 10 Amendments known as the Bill of Rights. Craven County is already a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary county and I intend to see that it remains that way during my tenure in office.

As an Independent Candidate I am required to have 500 write-in votes on the primary ballet in order to run in the November 2022 election or 2800 petition signatures. This does not mean you need to or will be voting for me in the November 2022 election. Simply writing my name on the May 2022 primary ballet will give me the chance to run and the citizens of Craven County the opportunity to see what I have to offer the community.

I seek answers for all and to be the voice of all those who are unheard. I thank those who have already signed the petition and are voting to be included in the upcoming election and I look forward to speaking to all who have concerns and/or questions. Only 500 write-in votes on the May 2022 primary ballet allows me to bring forth the issues and concerns the citizens demand. I look forward to being of service to you Craven County, NC!!

All are Equal Under the Law By Gerard P. Keenan