Working Together for a Healthy Coast

North Carolina Coastal Federation logo
Carolina Nature Coalition hosts: North Carolina Coastal Federation’s Coastal Solutions, Working Together for a Healthy Coast on January 25, 2022, at 6:30 p.m.

Saving our endangered coastal lands and beaches from natural events and human destruction as well as climate change and sea level rise. The North Carolina Coastal Federation is working diligently on a variety of fronts to clean up our coast, so come learn about projects underway and ways to get involved.

Join NC Coastal Federation’s Rachel Bisesi, Coastal Education Coordinator, as she explores the world of coastal solutions including ways to control polluted stormwater runoff and innovative ways to prevent soundside erosion and encourage habitat through living shorelines. She’ll also touch on current marine debris prevention and removal projects and share how community involvement bolsters organizational efforts to support a healthy coast.

Visit For more information call 252-626-5100.

Submitted by Michael Schachter