Summary of the New Bern Board of Aldermen Meeting on January 11

New Bern Board of Aldermen Meeting photo taken on July 13 2021
New Bern Board of Aldermen meeting (photo taken on July 13, 2021)

The New Bern Board of Alderman met on January 11, 2022 at City Hall. Present were Mayor Dana Outlaw, Alderman Ward 1 Sabrina Bengel, Alderman Ward 3 Bobby Aster, Alderman Ward 4 Johnnie Ray Kinsey, Alderman Ward 5 Barbara Best, Alderman Ward 6 Jeffrey Odham. Alderman Ward 2 Jameesha Harris was absent.

Three residents spoke to the Board during the request and petition of citizens session:

– Edwin Vargas expressed his concern regarding the increase spread of COVID in our community. He asked why elected officials didn’t involve the Craven County Health Department for guidance on masks and social distancing. He was also concerned about the percentage of unvaccinated residents. Listen to his statement at the 1:33 minute mark.

– Elizabeth Lane addressed the traffic congestion problem in front of the New Bern Mall — Chick-fil-A area entrance and warned that it’s a hazard to drivers. She addressed the issue with the New Bern Police Department and felt dismissed. Listen to the conversation at the 4:54 minute mark.

– Emmanuel Ruiz noted that buttons on crosswalks would be great in the downtown area. He also asked if the City could have a point of contact who spoke Spanish and noted that it would bring value to our community. Listen to the conversation at the 10:08 minute mark.


Consider Adopting a Resolution Closing Specific Streets for the Ghent Neighborhood Mardi Gras Parade and Block Party (not discussed).

Consider Adopting a Resolution Calling for a Public Hearing to Establish Electric Rate Schedules for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (not discussed).

Approved Minutes.

Discussion of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction at 14:32 – Tabled for next meeting.

What did Alderman Aster mean when he talked about Trailor Parks and Pig Pens and needing to protect our citizens at 35:34.

Consider Adopting a Resolution Authorizing the Execution of a Contract for Architectural-Engineering Services for Stanley White Recreation Center at 40:00 – Approved unanimous.

Consider Adopting a Resolution to Approve a First Amendment to License Agreement with NC Railroad Company for the Union Station Train Depot – Approved unanimous at 50:20.

Consider Adopting a Resolution Approving a Temporary Construction Easement with Craven County – Approved unanimous at 52:23.

Consider Adopting a Resolution Approving a Permanent Utility Easement with Craven County – Approved unanimous at 53:06.

Consider Adopting a Resolution to Initiate the Upset Bid Process for 2602 New Bern Avenue – Approved unanimous at 53:55.

Appointment(s) — Della Walley to the CDAC at 55:52.

Attorney’ s Report – nothing to report.

City Manager’s Report:

– Police Department started the New Bern Noble Knights Chess Program – 57:00

– Update on the CNI Grant – 57:20

– ARP Workshop – 57:35

– Budget Workshop – 59:20

New Business.

– Alderman Bengel mentioned an Abatement issue on Avenue A

– Alderman Aster noted a resident asked him about a no right turn on red at the Middle St. intersection

– Alderman Kinsey is concerned about the safety for people walking to the Community College

What did Aldermen Aster and Kinsey say about following CDC and the Governor’s COVID-19 guidelines – 1:13:14. Alderman Best was the only City Official wearing a mask.

– Alderman Best encouraged elderly, disabled, and veterans to get the Property Tax Relief Form at the Craven County Tax Office to receive exemption on your property tax. She also asked the Board to consider giving employees a raise.

– Alderman Odham talked about the New Bern Youth Lacrosse League. He also noted there will be a Wreath Retirement Ceremony on January 22 at 8 a.m. at the New Bern National Cemetery.

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By Wendy Card