Simon Spalding Performs Unplugged Acoustic Music

Simon Spalding playing violin
Simon Spalding performs at Sara’s Big Apple, presenting an eclectic program of unplugged acoustic music on Friday, January 28. It’s a fun, informal show, as Simon shares the history and backstory behind his songs and instruments. The instruments include the familiar (violin, banjo, ukulele) and a selection of exotic music and instruments from Sweden, China, Greece, Tahiti, Russia, Mongolia, and who-knows-where?

There is no cover charge. This musical event will take place 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., Friday, January 28 at Sara’s Big Apple, 1150 Broad Creek Road, on the way to Fairfield Harbour.

Pizza and a wonderful variety of Italian food is available for purchase.

Call 252-636-2555 for reservations.

To learn more about music historian and performer Simon Spalding, visit his website.

By Simon Spalding