GameStop to the Rescue

Kevin and Charles in GameStop of New Bern
Kevin and Charles in GameStop of New Bern

We recently invested in a full-service audio/video production system to produce a higher quality, improved show with the Podsquad.  It will also allow us to introduce a new service. It’s very intimidating, but when I get frustrated, I reflect on our podcast beginnings in 2012.

Knowing nothing about podcasting, ten years ago we purchased a mixer, microphones, and headsets. We visited and interviewing nonprofits and businesses for “community segments” to air on the radio. It was our first step to produce audio content. We recorded, edited, and uploaded files to WNOS 103.9FM and various podcast stations. In 2014, the Podsquad show launched in the Isaac Taylor House.

Having minimal knowledge of the technical aspects of livestreaming, it was time to learn a new system. This time, it was a hardware encoder to create a video/podcast/radio show. We took the show on the road in 2019, to showcase nonprofits and businesses that hosted the hourlong. It was another difficult learning experience, but once I commit to a project, I dive deep until I figure it out.

When COVID came, it was time to learn Zoom. Thankfully that was relatively easy compared to the aforementioned.

And here we are in 2022. I’ve spent the past few weeks researching how to setup and run the new system. Once I think I have it figured out, I end up calling the company for support. I thought I was ready to launch on Wednesday until I realized I need a video capture card. Ugh. I checked with Best Buy, Staples, Walmart with no luck.

GameStop in New Bern, NC

Gamers livestream, so I called Kevin, the Assistant Manager of GameStop in New Bern. Sure enough, they had two in stock. What a relief!

It was my first time in GameStop, but after seeing all their products, it won’t be my last. Kevin and Charles were very friendly and knowledgeable.

Besides carrying video games, they carry board games, collectibles like Pokemon cards, action figures and statues, apparel, virtual reality products, microphones, headphones, backpacks, and so much more!

I was so happy they had the capture card, I asked Kevin if I could do anything for him. He asked if I could tell Corporate about my experience. This was the first time I heard someone ask. I’m glad he did because it motivated me to write this article. If you’re happy with a product or service, please write a review and/or tell their employer. It doesn’t cost us anything to write a positive review or tell the owner.

Thank you, Kevin and Charles, for providing a friendly and informative experience!

Visit GameStop in Rivertown Square, 3027 Dr MLK Jr Blvd. in New Bern or call 252-633-9286.

By Wendy Card