Together Rising Donates $100 Gift Card to CCS Employees

Together Rising

For nearly two years, teachers have embodied what it means to show up. After an abrupt but necessary pivot to virtual learning, most taught through a screen for an entire school year. Now that we are back in school, our staff is shouldering the responsibility of protecting themselves and their students from exposure to COVID. All across the country, navigating these ever-changing circumstances has been extremely stressful.

Together Rising selected six school districts across the nation to celebrate. Craven County School was one of the selected districts and the only NC district selected. All staff members in Craven County Schools will receive a $100 gift card for their personal use — for whatever makes them feel appreciated. From janitorial and nutrition staff to counselors, to teacher assistants, and more, every person who helps make the school run is included. Yes, you read that right. We have received over $200,000 worth of gift cards for our employees in Craven County Schools.

Together, in partnership with Together Rising, our County Commissioners, and our community, we will continue to strive to show up for teachers and school staff like they continue to show up for our students. Together, we are proving once again that we belong to each other. We are #CCSUnited.

Thanks for all you do in your role to celebrate our teachers and staff.

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By Jennifer Wagner, Director of Public Relations