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New Pepsi Collection in the North Carolina History Center

Display of Pepsi related items
Last week, a small sample of the extensive collection of Pepsi-related items donated to Tryon Palace in November 2020 by the late Mitchell Slotnick was placed on exhibit at the North Carolina History Center. Mr. Slotnick was a financial management consultant with PepsiCo for more than 30 years and developed a metrics system that revolutionized their bottling business model. He was an avid philanthropist and Tryon Palace is excited to have received this collection that honors the history of Pepsi and New Bern, the birthplace of Pepsi. The collection will eventually be housed in New Bern’s planned Pepsi Museum.

The entire collection of more than 1300 Pepsi-related items consists of clocks, signs, advertisements, bottles, trays, thermometers, radios, toys, books bottle openers, calendars, tableware and more. Museum staff members have been tediously unpacking and cataloging these items and readying them for exhibit. The sampling on exhibit now includes a pull toy, coin banks, glasses, ashtrays, radio, figurine, calendar, salt and pepper shakers, and drinking glasses.

By Nancy Figiel, Tryon Palace Public Affairs Director