“To Part or Not To Part” – Master Stylist Advice

Photo of Laura Lane, owner and master stylist at The Salon on Middle

Have you been feeling that TikTok youth have started “taking a fancy” to making any and all their elders know their age is showing?

“To part or not to part down the middle?” has been a hot topic at The Salon on Middle for months. Get rid of swoops and side bangs?! When asked this question, I always inquire, if Tide Pods are as well part of their diet routine?

Where did this all start? The big part debate reached its peak this summer when TikTok user @Lady-Gleep made the statement: “Prove me wrong, but I don’t think there is a single person who looks better with a side part than they do a middle part.” Gleep asked anyone with a side part to make it a middle one. To prove her point that “the middle part is far more supreme” here the #MiddlePartChallenge was born. Let’s talk about the “parting” truths. Think of your part as a big flashing neon arrow. What is your best feature? Your better side? When “looking” at it like this, if you’re self-conscious about your nose, why would you want to bring attention right to it? Parting hair down the middle will do so. Your nose might as well be saying to the world, “Look at me! Look at me!”

When making a decision on where to part your hair, remember everyone has a strong and weak side of their face (that’s why we usually photograph better on one side). Find the side that has more features in the upward direction. This is the “stronger” side of your face. The side that should be most exposed when deciding on the part line that’s best for you. The heavier side of the part should always go against the “weaker” side of the face.

Now, if you’ve made the decision to change your part line up, remember hair won’t automatically part itself unless you train it to do so. It might be a fight, but it’s worth the time. Over the course of a few weeks, part your hair yourself and use a few bobby-pins along with a styling cream to hold it in place as it’s drying. (I recommend SAPHIRA Rejuvenating Styling Cream, you can purchase it at TSOM.) Soon enough, your hair will remember to stay exactly where you want. Happy parting!

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By Laura Lane Owner and Master Stylist at The Salon on Middle