“Light up the Season” Fundraiser for Deputy Zachary Bellingham

Pie a Local Celeb

Join us for a fun-fundraiser tonight at 7 p.m. during the “Light up the Season” at the stage at Bear Plaza on Middle St. in Downtown New Bern.

You can pay to throw a pie at a local celebrity of your choice – Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes, NewsChannel 12 anchor Valentina Wilson, Epiphany School’s Brittany Spear, Buddy Bengel, musician Bryan Mayer, RCS Director Zeb Hough, New Bern Now’s Wendy Card, Jeopardy contestant Terry McElhennon or The Flame’s Chef Smoke.

1 raffle ticket – $3, 3 raffle tickets – $5, and 5 raffle tickets – $10. To pay before event, scan the venmo code Beary Merry Events @bearymerryevents. Include your name and the celebrity choice. Or sign up at the stage at Bear Plaza.

Donations Benefit deputy Bellingham who was shot in the line of duty in October 2021.

By Wendy Card