An Enchanted Moment Costume Studio — One-of-a-Kind Experience

An enchanted moment costume shop and antique photography studio in new bern nc
Photos by Lisa Kirkland

Driving by the Old Time Photo sign on Pollock Street, I couldn’t help myself, I had to find out more! Pulling into the driveway, owner Lisa Kirkhart happily welcomed me inside. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was excited to find out.

Lisa looked familiar and I did to her. We realized that we met at the Seaside Gypsy a few years back on Trent Rd. Lisa and her mom, Lila Lewis, had a quaint, shop with a variety of charming refurbished furniture and decor.

She gave me a tour of this unique, old-fashioned photography studio, costume shop, and boutique.

First stop was a small boutique area where you can buy souvenirs.

Next was the Halloween room, that is now being converted to a holiday themed space. Or choose from the Hollywood glam or Gangster-era rooms.

Then we entered the costume place where the magic happens. You pick out your old-timey garb for your memorable antique photograph. Lisa makes or adds an extra touch to an assortment of outfits but claims she’s “not a seamstress.” I thought they looked terrific! She also said, “You can come in already dressed.”

The getup wouldn’t be complete without stylish accessories. She proudly showed me George Lewis’s Sand Box Leather work. George is her dad and his leatherwork is terrific. Chose from holsters, bracelets, wallets, to spurs…he even carves little bullets. Her admiration for him was obvious, especially when she said, “Isn’t this precious. He’s 83 and loves doing this.”

The antique-style photographs give it that old-fashioned effect. Lisa said, “I had never taken professional photographs. I guess the pandemic gave me time to practice and learn.” Remarking on the printer, “Now I have a new fabulous printer and they are even better than they were.”

An Enchanted Moment is a great place to capture that fun, faux historic moment with your family and friends! With the holidays approaching, experience a memorable and laughable time with your work team! Or have one taken of your pet(s)!

But wait…there’s more! Her friend, Elizabeth Allifaire, is a psychic and does readings at the studio.

Entrance of An Enchanted Moment antique photo studio in new bern nc
Photo by New Bern Now

Visit this unique shop conveniently located at 507 Pollock St. in Downtown New Bern, NC. Call or message Lisa Kirkhart at 252-259-8615 or check out An Enchanted Moment on Facebook.

By Wendy Card