The Salon on Middle Fixed Wendy’s Pandemic Hair

the salon on middle hair stylist jennifer mcdaniel and courtney henderson
Jennifer McDaniel and Courtney Henderson

There’s no job too tough for stylists at The Salon on Middle!

Hair has never been a priority for me, but it is for a lot of people.

With all that we experienced during this pandemic, it’s been difficult for some to even leave their house. That wasn’t my case, so I had no excuse not to get my hair cut by professionals. I don’t know anything about cutting hair, but I did it anyway to keep it out of my eyes. If that didn’t work, I wore a hat in public.

Last week I had about 30 minutes to spare in between meetings so I called Jennifer McDaniel. We haven’t seen each other in years, but I’ve followed her on social media. She’s the manager and stylist at The Salon on Middle. I called her to see if she could cut my hair and she happened to have a gap between appointments. She showed me areas of my hair that needed to be fixed. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t critical, she kindly noted that I had to let areas grow out before cutting it again. I made a mess and chalk it up to a lesson learned. She fixed me up and I felt like a new person. I had an extra pep in my step!

During my visit, I learned Laura Lane is the owner and there are three senior stylists including Jennifer, there’s Courtney Henderson and Hannah Dowdall. They even have a traveling premiere stylist.

The Salon uses Sephora products. Jennifer said, “I retail Aquage, which is a light layering spray that doesn’t get real firm and hard and it has humidity blockers in it. And they have a good dry shampoo and a good shine spray, which everybody could use. The Sephora line has minerals of the Dead Sea in it.”

The Salon on Middle is located at 244 1/2 Middle St (2nd floor). They are now accepting new clients and late appointments are available. They are open late, and are open on Monday’s by appointment. They’re closed on Sunday. Call or text 252-241-8116.

Thanks, Jennifer and The Salon on Middle Team for the providing a friendly, clean, and professional experience!

By Wendy Card