Layers of Our Community

Pictures taken around the greater New Bern area
City Hall, Family at Union Point Park, Wick Wickline at Fuller’s Music, and Fishing at Martin Marietta Park

This weekly gallery was created to showcase the people and places of the greater New Bern area and surrounding towns.

These are some of the pictures I’ve taken, so you’re only seeing a small portion of our community. Since we all have different experiences and views, please consider joining our efforts by sending us photos that you took, so we can provide a platform to represent all areas of our community.

Size requirement: minimum height: 600 pixels.

If we use them, we will give you credit. The images may be used on our website, social media platforms, daily news email, and/or our magazine.

Note: Do not send us pictures that you did not personally take. Using photos taken from others without their express written consent is a copyright infringement.

Send photos via email.

By Wendy Card