International Paper Math & Science Grant Winners

Pictured are principals Todd Bradley with Craven Early College and Montrell Lee with West Craven High and accepting the grants at the October End of Month Principals meeting on behalf of their teachers.  Also pictured are PIE board members Jason Jones, Mike McCoy, and Debbie Hurst.

This is the fourth year the International Paper – New Bern Mill has partnered with Partners In Education to fund the Math & Science Grants. International Paper sees the need to assist Craven County educators to fund hands-on activities in math and science. This grant allows our teachers the opportunity to purchase materials for activities in the classroom without spending money out of their own pockets.

  • Microview into the Microworld, $250.00 – Edward Bundshuh, John Robbins, West Craven High
  • pGLO Bacterial Transformation: Recombinant DNA in the HS Classroom, $250.00 – Ashlee DeCamp, Craven Early College
  • Molds can Solve Mazes?, $250.00 – Edward Bundshuh, John Robbins, West Craven High
  • Tardigrades Get Good Grades!, $250.00 – Edward Bundshuh, John Robbins, West Craven High

This grant is made available in the fall and spring of each year. The Spring Cycle due date is February 9, 2022. More information on how our Craven County Schools teachers can apply can be found at

This program directly makes a lasting impact on our students, while encouraging our teachers to expand their plans for the classroom. We have seen a continued expansion of the number of grants and the forward-thinking ideas that it inspires.