Food for Thought — Social Media is Not Internet Real Estate

Do you need a website

It’s been a few hours since social media giants Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have been down today. We’ve talked to a couple of people who rely on one or all of these platforms because they use them instead of a website for their business or nonprofit and others who can’t access pictures, videos…basically any content they own. They are worried and we feel your concern.

We think social media platforms are valuable, but they’re not our only Internet presence. We’re thankful that our content is safe because we publish it on our website first and then we share it on social media and in our daily news email.

You may want to consider creating your own website and email list in case this happens in the future. By doing so, it’s your own real estate on the Internet and clients/customers will be able to find and communicate with you.

We hope these platforms are up and running soon. Until then, consider creating a website for your business or nonprofit instead of having a Facebook page.

Jeremy LeRay of New Bern Web Design has been our “Peace of Mind” for 10 years and takes care of our web security, updates, etc. We recommend reaching out to him at 252-349-0270.

New Bern Web Design

Cyndi Papia with Office-to-Go is also a web developer and she recently joined our team as our Media Coordinator.

Let us know if you have any questions by sending an email.

By Wendy Card