Girl Scouts Learn the History of 9/11

Girl Scouts at New Bern Fire & Rescue

Girl Scout Troop 194 learned about 9/11 at their meeting this week. Troop leaders wanted to be sure that the next generation remembers what happened on this tragic day in our history.

Leader, Jennifer Bertling said “it’s tricky to talk to 5-, 6-, & 7-year-olds about this because you don’t want to frighten them”. We used an old Fred Rogers quote, “When he was a boy and saw something scary in the news, his mother would tell him to look for the helpers’”. The leaders went on to talk about helpers in their community, one being our fire fighters.

The girls hand-made cards for the men and women at the City of New Bern Fire Department and hand delivered them along with cookies and lemonade Thursday evening.

By Jennifer Bertling, Girl Scout Troop 194