Call for Submissions — Next Chapter Literary Magazine Issue 4

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The Next Chapter Books and Art announces its fourth call for submissions for The Next Chapter Literary Magazine Issue 4!

Issue 4 of The Next Chapter Literary Magazine will be published in January 2022. Editor Michelle Garren Flye announced that the issue will feature a theme of “History”.

“As a rule, I like to see how artists and authors interpret the theme themselves,” Flye said. “I’ve already had one person inquire as to whether or not I would consider something with a theme of natural history. My reply was absolutely.”

Flye said eligible artists and authors are those who have a tie to Eastern North Carolina, which she defines as anything from Raleigh to the coast. Preference may be given to those with stronger ties to the local area, or to material which features the area as a setting, but in the end it comes down to the most appropriate, highest quality content that is submitted.

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“I’m always eager to see how the issue comes together. I’ve had to turn down some things that are really well written just because they didn’t fit with how the issue was going together,” says Flye. “It makes for some really tough decisions, sometimes.”

The first three issues of the literary magazine are currently available at The Next Chapter Books & Art, 320 S. Front Street in New Bern. Current issues are $10, back issues are $8 each. For more information on how and what to submit to the literary magazine, please see the website:

By Michelle Garren Flye