New Bern African American Heritage Trail Walk

New Bern African American Heritage Trail

Saturday, August 21st, 2021, at 9 a.m.

Meet at Broad and Queen Streets, Five Points

Join us for a walk through African American history and heritage in New Bern.

Starting at Five Points, once the bustling center for Black businesses, the walk will go through parts of Duffyfield and Dryborough with stops at the new signage along the African American Heritage Trail.

Learn some interesting cultural, community, and even personal, history along the way.

We will gather at the point of Broad and Queen Streets in front of Crema Brew and will also finish up there, so park nearby.

Hosted by the Carolina Nature Coalition and Cosponsored by the Craven County NAACP Branch.

For more information, contact Michael Schachter at 252-626-5100.

By Michael Schachter