EWN Hosts Open House Information & Education Series

Coastal Carolina Regional Airport (EWN)

Coastal Carolina Regional Airport (EWN) will be hosting a monthly open house briefing for regional businesses and organizations geared toward explaining the process of restoring and growing air service for eastern North Carolina.

During the Information & Education Series, detailed and informative topics include looking at the airport’s finances, construction projects, economic impact, and FAA rules that govern EWN.

Of particular interest to those who support the addition of airlines and routes at EWN will be an in-depth discussion of the process and various methods used by other communities to attract new air service and routes. The airport also expects to announce an alliance with one of the region’s leading public/private economic development organizations in an effort to further enhance air service recruitment.

All meetings will initially take place virtually. In-person attendance will be limited to invited guests and all attendees must conform to TSA mandated masking. Virtual attendance instructions are…


meeting number 2556 738 3381

Password: Iflylocal@1



2556 738 3381

Meeting dates for the Information & Education Series are as follows:

September 2, at noon.

October 6, at noon.

November 9, at noon.

December 8, at noon.

January 20, at noon.

Programs will be about 30-40 minutes and may include aviation and transportation experts, guest lecturers, and additional special interest briefings for various business categories.

By Eric Litchfield