Business Buzz: 3/1 Cookies and Coffee

3 in 1 Cookies and Coffee
3/1 Cookies and Coffee

3/1 Cookies and Coffee Food Truck — what’s that? Driving by, it sparked my interested so I found out Brian Cardoza was the mastermind behind the operation. Wanting to learn more, we met a Savage’s Wood Burning Pizzeria.

He created eight delicious cookie recipes — Kentucky Coffee, BMP (Bacon Maple Peanut Butter), BMP Chocolate, Chocolate Covered Blueberry, House Cookie, Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin Snickerdoodle, and White Chocolate Pumpkin.

I’m not a foodie, but I ate one and had to stop myself at two. They were delectable! Don’t take my word for it. I bought two dozen and gave them to friends and asked for their opinion. They all agree that they were scrumptious!

Next on the menu, coffee. Choose from iced coffee, flavored iced coffees, and cold press. Brian worked with Alex Frampton-Winters, owner of Bellator Roasting Company, to come up with a smooth unique blend. Brian said, “I gave him some cookies, so we kind of made a coffee blend for my cookies. The blonde medium and dark roast are on my truck. You’re not gonna get that roast anywhere else.”

And there’s more — custom-made ice cream sandwiches! Choose what type of cookies you want the ice cream to be paired with and it’s handmade for you.

A little about the truck. Looking at it, you’ll notice it’s business up front and a cool, party in the back design, so it’s appropriately called “The Mullet”. It’s the only drive thru truck in town.

If you miss The Mullet, 3/1 Cookies are available at Savage’s Wood Burning Pizzeria located at 303 Metcalf St. in New Bern. And of course, they’re the best wood fired pizza in town!

Savages Wood Burning Pizzeria
Savages Wood Burning Pizzeria

Upon advance request, you can order gluten free Cheesecake cookies, zero sugar/gluten free Cheesecake cookies, zero sugar Chocolate cookies with monk fruit used as a sweetener.

Brian is a strong supporter of nonprofits. If you buy three cookies for $3…actually, $3.06, you can round it up to $4 and $0.94 goes towards the charity of the month. There’s a new charity every month for the entire month and Brian tries to keep donations local.

Visit for more information or check out 3/1 Cookies and Coffee on social media.

By Wendy Card