Atlantic Dance Theatre and The Filling Station Host Art and Dance Day Camp

Atlantic Dance Theatre Children Dancing with Bamboo

Atlantic Dance Theatre Partners with The Filling Station to conclude their 2020-2021 Season.

The Filling Station’s executive director, Mary Ann Bender LeRay, reached out to Atlantic Dance Theatre’s Elizabeth Pope to consider hosting an art and dance camp at The Filling Station’s new Garden Venue. Six weeks later, during the week of July 19, twenty-five children ages eight to eleven from Jones County explored their imaginations and creativity through movement, colors, and textures. From dancing with hoops, bamboo, colorful ribbons, and a vibrant, red dragon to creating masterful mosaic steppingstones with tiles of varying shades of blues, greens, and browns the four-day Arts and Dance Day Camp was a successful conclusion to ADT’s  2021-2022 season!

The Filling Station, a nonprofit organization located in Pollocksville, NC, opened its doors in August of 2017 with a mission to  assist with filling unmet needs in the areas of Nutrition, Education, and Connection serving the residents of Jones County.

The Atlantic Dance Theatre, a nonprofit organization located in New Bern, NC, has been spreading the joy of dance throughout Craven County and its surrounding counties since 1985, providing public concerts and dance opportunities for underserved youth.

Submitted by Beth Cooper on behalf of Elizabeth Pope