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New Bern Now Podsquad – Episode 190

New Bern Now Podsquad - Episode 190
Top: Mari Schultz, Talina Massey, Kathy Morrison; Bottom: Marin Narron and Wendy Card

The Podsquad: Kathy Morrison (New Bern Historical Society), Talina Massey (Business Savvy) and Wendy Card, were joined by special guests Mari Schultz, Mari’s Hella Fat Food and The Garage and Marin Narron, Office Manager, Craven Arts Council & Gallery. We talked about New Bern’s arts and culture, businesses, history, upcoming events, outdoor life, and all kinds of topics related to living in the greater New Bern area and surrounding towns.



Podcast Show notes:

00:50 – Trivia Contest Question

2:00 – Craven Arts Council Community Outreach

2:30 – Juneteenth of New Bern Volunteer Cookout

5:12 – Ghostwalk Auditions

6:31 – Eddie Ellis Presentation

8:04 – Bear video

9:35 – Interview with Mari Schultz, Mari’s Hella Fat Food and The Garage

20:09 – Diamond Drops Ladies Night Out

21:36 – Young Urban Professionals of ENC trip to Daytona Beach

24:49 – Interview with Marin Narron, Office Manager, Craven Arts Council & Gallery

25:14 – Stacked Exhibition

25:56 – Samrae Duke Exhibition

26:48 – Pottery Popup Festival

29:15 – Little Talks

29:36 – At the Gallery Concert Series

30:15 – Footloose on the Neuse

30:50 – Coastal Photo Club

33:30 – DIY Projects

34:16 – Shop Class – Community Workshop

35:11 – Sand Belt Drag Race

35:21 – Artist/Writer Jerry Scott

36:14 – Draw the Line: Redistricting

37:24 – Upcoming Events

42:19 – Jack Smith Creek Stormwater Wetlands

44:20 – Small Business Center at Craven Community College

55:35 – Upcoming Events

48:11 – Trivia Answer

49:36 – Habitat ReStore InStore Auction

50:40 – Beat the Heat

53:10 – New Bern Parks and Recreation and Craven County Recreation and Parks

54:10 – Find Shark Teeth in New Bern

56:50 – Meet Loki the Yorkie

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You can also listen to the show on New Bern’s News Talk Radio Station WNOS 103.9FM by tuning in every Wednesday at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Let us know if you’d like to be a guest or if you have any questions by sending us an email.

Wendy Card