Between the Bridges – July 1, 2021

Trent River Drawbridge
Drawbridge over the Trent River

Happy Birthday:  Shatoya Davis (6/14), Kai Davis (6/20), Alderwoman Jameesha Harris (7/1), Sheryl Eckberg (7/2), Leslie Anthony (7/2), Lindell Davis (7/2), Jim Stroud (7/3), Talina Massey (7/5), and Jon Burger (7/8)

Happy Anniversary:  Lindell and Emilio Davis will celebrate 24 years together (7/7)

In Memory of:  Peggy Jane Armstrong, 91, New Bern (6/20), Rose Marie Fornes, 72, New Bern (6/22), John Pina, 89, New Bern (6/22), Lois Dales Moore, 78, Vanceboro (6/25), Nancy Marie Midgette, 91, Bayboro (6/25), Mary Louise Murphy, 88, New Bern (6/25), Daphne Ann Pope, 90, Trent Woods (6/26), James Alan Hadley, 81, New Bern (6/26), Hilda Brown Smith, 65, Bayboro (6/26), Steven Edward Kuharich, 78, New Bern (6/29), and Sylvester Wilder, 83, Trenton (6/29)

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By Wendy Card