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You Never Know Who’s Watching…

Child and Person holding hands

My walking buddy Mary and I were on a Saturday morning power stroll through New Bern’s downtown and historic district when we arrived at the corner of Pollock and Middle Streets, in front of the Pepsi Store. Mary quickly checked the traffic and started across the street. I pulled her back and said, “WAIT!” She was confused but jumped back. “There are little kids across the street, and we need to wait for the light,” I explained.

When the light changed, we crossed with the adults and children from the other side and I could hear the mom chuckling at our antics but, she did smile and nod our way as well.  Does this mean we didn’t jay walk when we got closer to Bella’s? Regrettably, I confess that I am a perfectly flawed human being, and you can draw your own conclusion.

As we emerge from our isolation and the familiarity of our limited surroundings it is important to remember that we are all part of society and better yet, our community. We have to learn how to behave in public again. (Obviously, I am still working on it.) Part of that is being aware that others can fully see you and how you respond to situations.

Continue being kind, making eye contact, and sharing smiles as often as possible as we are still shaken from being quarantined and it is always appreciated. We may be a little skittish since we’re not quite adjusted to being around more than our selected safe people pods. Understand that some folks are still anxious about being out in the world so give them the space they need and let them wear a mask without any judgment.

As we all know actions speak louder than words and our actions bellow our character. Remember, there are little people watching you and learning from you how to be a good human. Let them, and us, see the best of you.

Jane Maulucci by Erin Smith





By Jane H. Maulucci, The Reactive Voice