New Bern Now Podsquad – Episode 187

New Bern Now Podsquad - Episode 187
Carol Becton, Rowland Bowen, Tharesa Lee, Wendy Card, Kathy Morrison, and George Oliver.

The Podsquad: George Oliver (Oliver & Cheek), Kathy Morrison (New Bern Historical Society), and Wendy Card, were joined by special guests Rowland Bowen (Rowland and the Home Sales Team) along with Carol Becton and Tharesa Lee (Signs of History African American Heritage Trail).

We talked about all kinds of topics related to living in the greater New Bern area and surrounding towns.



Show notes:

00:52 – Contest Question

1:53 – In the Weeds

2:17 – City of New Bern Community Garden

3:00 – Hybrid Fruit Trees

4:24 – Local Garden Nurseries

5:35 – New Bern History Quest

7:00 – Entertainment in New Bern

7:30 – “We” Saax Bradbury Production

10:00 – Sankofa Production

11:00 – Interview with Rowland Bowen and The Home Sales Team

12:00 – New Bern Real Estate Market

35:18 – Interview with Carol Becton and Tharesa Lee to talk about the Signs of African American Heritage Trail

41:31 – Dedication Ceremony

45:40 – Juneteenth of New Bern Lineup

53:00 – Upcoming Events

57:40 – New Bern Farmers Market

55:30 – 63rd Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

56:50 – Trivia Answer

57:30 – NC Longleaf Commitment Grant

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Wendy Card