Curmudgeon’s Corner: A Short Reflection or Two

Freddy Scott and Jim Kohler
Freddy Scott and Jim Kohler

Wendy Card, our editor-in-chief, informs me that there’s been a bit of positive feedback regarding my recent articles on New Bern personalities. I’m very glad to hear that and am planning on continuing along these same lines. At present, (full disclosure) I am at work on a story about my musician son Freddy Scott. And, why would I do that, you ask?

Frederick, AKA Freddy, was here last weekend from Los Angeles where he is a freelance writer, musician, composer, and a music producer for a leading TV show. His visit coincided with Father’s Day so we were together to celebrate my special day of the year (I skip birthdays for obvious reasons). While here, he joined Big Jim Kohler at the Brown Pelican for blues night. Jim has a four-piece band that plays on Mondays. He often invites musicians to join him on stage and so Freddy was featured on blues guitar accompanying Jim and the guys. A good musician picks up vibes from other musicians when soloing and so it was that Freddy and Jim were dueling it out for a couple of hours to the delight of the regulars that attend the Monday night sessions. Freddy has been sitting in playing guitar with Jim every time he visits New Bern for the past 15 years. Jim said, “Freddy was here in New Bern from the start of my playing in this town. Sometimes he was the only one around listening–chuckle, chuckle.”

Well, times have changed and if you read my piece on Jim Kohler a couple of weeks ago (look in the search box for Big Jim Kohler) you know how much he is appreciated among blues aficionados in New Bern. He and his singing wife Kathy are just plain fabulous entertainers.

Apropos of Freddy’s visit, I sat down with him to catch up on his musical activities out in L.A. and recorded an hour interview with him. I learned a lot of things children (he’s 35 now so maybe I should not use the term children?) don’t always share with their parents. Nevertheless, I am going to practice nepotism and write up his salient comments on the L.A. music scene as well as his impressions of our local musicians–naturally all good. That piece will be out in a few days.

Turning to more prosaic matters, my air conditioner conked out on me when Freddy arrived. Then, the kitchen faucet sprung a leak and my outdoor gas grill gave up while cooking a load of meat for guests anxious to try my Argentinian style BBQ (I lived in Argentina eight years and naturally learned their style of grilling). Isn’t it great when you’re having guests at home and the temperature climbs to 94 inside? That was the upstairs thermometer reading at bed time. So my guests brought their mattresses downstairs and camped out in the living room and office. The good news is that Monday I called the repair folks and got everything under control quickly–but, at a cost I won’t repeat here as it’s a family news and info service. Anyway, I am going to give a quick plug for Comfort Air and Legacy Plumbing company for their quick and professional services. I called two A/C repair places and nobody bothered to answer the phone so Comfort Air got my business.

As the title says, a short couple of reflections and that’s what you got. Be sure to catch Big Jim playing classical blues at the Brown Pelican (sans Freddy, alas) next Monday at 6-10.

See you down the road.

Jerry Scott





By Jerry Scott