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The Pulse on James City roadwork: Who stays, moves … or closes

Craven Tire and Auto, the car shop with the gorilla sculptures near the great big Lottery sign near U.S. 70, is one business that relocated. It is now on First Street at the intersection of First and Queen/Spencer.

By Sarah Foster of New Bern Now
Here’s an exhaustive list of James City businesses and their respective statuses. Email me with corrections and additions to this list, so we’ll all never wonder again.

Who’s staying:

  • Car Quest Auto Parts, 1202 US 70 E.: Staying put.
  • Forbes Mobile Home Supplies, 520 US 70 E.: No impact.
  • Ashley Home Store, 2703 US 70 E.: According to the latest road plan, it will not have to move.

Who’s moving:

  • Brices Creek Bible Church, 4250 US 70 E: Plans to rebuild where the live Nativity had been performed each year. Meanwhile, they are meeting in the barn at the edge of the property. The church will not be doing the drive-through Nativity this year.
  • Comfort Air, 2301 US 70 E.: Has moved to 1253 Glenburnie Road.
  • Cowell’s Cleaners, 428 E. Grantham Road: Is going to relocate near Carolina Colours.
  • Marine Federal Credit Union, 2211 US 70 E.: Already relocated to 2034 Waterscape Way near Carolina Colours.
  • Neuse Forest Upholstery, 2107 US 70 E.: For now, you can look behind the old building at a house on Pine Street, the owner said. There’s a sign on the pecan tree in front of it that says “Upholstery.” Knock on the door. The state is going to tear down the old building.
  • Pamlico Marine, 2601 US 70 E: The store had to be backed up 21 feet, so they chopped the front of the building off. It is still in business while a new façade is being constructed.
  • Riverside Mitsubishi, 1307 US 70 E.: Is moving farther toward Havelock but has not moved yet.
  • Tidewater Appliances, 800 US 70 E.: Has moved to 4140 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
  • Twin Rivers Supply Company, 330 US 70 E.: Relocated to 3220 US 70 E. It is a mere 200 yards away in the same industrial park.

Who is closing:

  • The Handy Mart, 3990 US 70 E.: Shutting down.
  • Ruby Tuesday, 1004 US 70 E.: If the building is torn down, they will not rebuild. “Still I’m gonna miss you …”
  • Speedway, 429 E. Grantham Road: Temporarily closed, according to Speedway customer service.
    McDonald’s/Citgo, 1002 US 70 E.: A vapor.
  • Waffle House, 1000 US 70 E.: Where we will never again celebrate Christmas morning—Gone! But please visit their other location on MLK Jr. Blvd.