In the Weeds: Tomatoes are poppin’

In the Weeds - May 15
Finn with Venus Fly Traps, Laura with Tomatoes, and Wendy with Venus Fly Traps

It’s been an exciting week in the garden because we started to eat our first vegetables! It only took 30 days for the first to ripen and now we have 13 cherry tomatoes. There’s four other plants and the tomatoes are still green. Who knows, they may end up being green tomatoes. We had to look it up, but yes if you didn’t know, there are green varieties. Laura still doesn’t believe it.

Two weeks after we sowed 40 green bean seeds, we have 28 sprouts.

Green Beans


And the zucchini plant has at least 13 flowers.

The peppers are the last to start showing buds and it looks like there’s at least 17 so far.

So we’re having fun and adding tomatoes to our salads.

On another note, we’re thrilled with our Venus fly traps! We purchased two last summer. When it started getting cold, we were concerned they would die because everything we read instructed us to leave them outside and let them be.  They survived and they’re growing bigger every day.

Note: Venus fly traps grow in the the Croatan National Forest and it is illegal to take them.

We were gonna talk about planting the blueberry bush today, but we need more time to research and plan because if all goes well, it could grow up to eight feet. And we need another blueberry plant so it will pollinate and bear fruit.

Are we on the right track? If you’re a gardener and you think we need guidance, please help us stay on course and grow a bountiful garden.

Stay tuned for next week as we venture into dealing with the blueberry bush.

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