In the Weeds: It’s getting spicy

In the Weeds - May 22
Finn’s gotta check on the plants

The days of counting each fruit are gone!

It’s been five weeks, it’s official, we have a flourishing garden (touch wood).

Two of the five tomato plants are sweet and savory cherry varieties, one is yellow and the other is red. We still don’t know if we have green tomato plants. If you can answer this question, please let us know.


The green beans are growing like weeds! If all goes well, they should be ready to harvest within a month. And the zucchini plant is blossoming, but it’s not producing yet.

Every day Laura reminds Wendy that gardening is a waiting game and it’s nature’s way to slow us down and be patient.

The peppers are looking good.

Jalapeno Peppers

We don’t know anything about blueberries, so we were thrilled to see the first fruits!

When our neighbor Rosy saw the garden, it inspired her to start her own. Laura helped her choose the right plants and guided her in the repotting process.

Laura and Rosy
Laura and Rosy

Are we on the right track? If you’re a gardener and you think we need guidance, please help us stay on course.

Stay tuned for next week’s update…who knows what we’ll talk about.

Send us your tips, tricks, and suggestions via email and let us know if we’re out of the weeds yet.

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