In the Weeds: 8 little tomatoes and a big toad

Laura and Wendy and Toad
Laura and Wendy and Toad

Our gardening project started on April 9 with three tomato and one pepper plants. We put them in an inground pond, above ground, because the soil is a mix of hard clay and sand. We forgot to drill holes in the bottom and add rocks for drainage and have been pondering whether to start from scratch and replant.

New Garden

Transfer compete! We finally did it today. They are healthy and in their second inground pond. It was a chore, but we’re very happy with the outcome.

We had the pleasure of meeting Derek Haynes, The Crazy Botanist, and he showed us how to repot plants during New Bern’s Earth Day Show. You can learn too by watching the video here at the 1:44:55 minute mark. He explained what combination of plant food and types of soils to use. We took his advice, so let’s see what happens. He is a Botanist after all.

So far, two of the plants have a total of eight tomatoes. That’s progress!

And we had a little visitor!

If you’re a gardener and you think we’re off the beaten path and in the weeds, please help us stay on course and grow a bountiful garden.

Stay tuned for next week as we venture into planting zucchini!

Please send your tips, tricks, suggestions to us via email.

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