Get a Forget-Me-Not Blue Flower and Support Disabled American Veterans

Forget-Me-Not Blue Flower

Join the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, Craven County Unit 40

Saturday, May 29th and June 5, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., at Mitchell’s Hardware, downtown New Bern

Some gave All…All gave some

Join us in remembering our Veterans by visiting with us and receiving a “Forget-Me-Not Blue flower to wear”.

Many people recognize the red popular flower symbols worn by many in remembrance of those Veterans as “Some gave All”. But there is a little-known blue flower, and it is also worn in remembrance of those Veterans and for all Veterans as “All gave some”. This is the Forget-Me-Not blue flower.

ForgetMeNot Day began in 1921 as a fundraising campaign for World War I veterans through the sale of Forgetmenots. They established the DAVWW (Disabled American Veterans of the World War), which is now known as the DAV and supports all disabled veterans from all eras.

Soldiers during World War I had no time to bury their comrades who fell in battle. They would gather a handful of forget-me-nots and place them on the body of the fallen comrades as if to say, “We Will Not Forget You!”

The ForgetMeNot flower soon became the accepted symbol for commemorating those who had fallen in war. It’s an appropriate symbol to remind us continually of the service and sacrifice that make our way of life possible. This symbol of living history is a legacy that continues to serve veterans of all eras today as it did in the aftermath of World War I.

The flowers being passed out will be free of charge by the DAV Auxiliary Unit 40 of Craven County and donations are always welcome.

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By Melanie Rust