Do you know someone who needs an option for sober living right here in the community?

Realize U 252


By Garret Biss on behalf of Rev. Dr. Reginald A. Barnes, Senior Pastor

​Realize U 252 is a rresource in the community that may be needed by someone in your congregation now or in the future.

Who we are – We run a program called Realize U 252 that provides a sober-living environment and support program for adult males that have struggled with addiction.

What we do – Unlike in-patient treatment programs, Realize U does not focus on the clinical treatment of the addiction. Instead, we focus on the needs of the whole individual by providing the space and the environment where long-term recovery can be established.

This approach of ensuring a safe and comfortable living situation, regular meals, a community of supportive brothers also in recovery, and the accountability from fellow residents and a house manager fulfills the vital ingredients to a recovery program — making it a great complement to out-patient treatment and the spiritual growth afforded by the church.

The residents we presently have are experiencing successes in their recovery and their personal growth that they have never experienced in recovery before – even after many attempts and treatment programs they’ve been to in the past.

We find that this critical role of providing a safe, supportive, and judgment free place where someone in recovery can lay their head at night is the vital piece that allows for successful long-term recovery.

What residents get – While a part of our program, residents have access to the sober living residence which is a single-family home in a residential setting. They also have the support and accountability of other residents and an on-site program manager. While at the residence, the guys enjoy being a part of a brotherhood that involves eating meals together, studying together, attending group meetings together, and learning more about their faith.

​What it costs – Residents are required to pay a program fee of $175 per week. We find it important for our residents’ growth and success that they be responsible for this program fee because it gives them “skin in the game” which promotes dignity and confidence.

However, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we would be willing to accept donations from the church or other congregants who would wish to provide partial scholarship toward the program fee.

How to connect or share with your church – This flyer has the general highlights about the program and what we offer.

Individuals are welcome to reach out to me privately as well if they would like to know more. You are welcome to share this contact information: and 252-499-0143

I would be happy to answer any questions about the program if you would care to set a time to connect privately or to come tour the property.

​Please contact me immediately if you have someone in mind that may benefit from this program. We currently have a few spaces available, and I would be happy to meet with them immediately if it would help.