Small-town videoblog becomes a must-see primer on saving the Earth

Derek Haynes shares his passion for plants. The New Bern citizen is quickly building a social media audience for his fun, highly engaging, and educational videos.

A homespun video/podcast about Earth Day in a small town in North Carolina resulted in a collection of amazing speakers on a dazzling variety of topics.

Viewers learned that the highest point in the local county is the man made peak at the regional landfill. They were taught how to plant native-species, how to recycle those pesky plastic grocery bags, the importance of local waterways, and eco-friendly ways to have your remains handled once you die.

Viewers even learned how the wood industry has become one of the good guys in the effort to save the environment.

Hosts Wendy Card (the full three hours), Jane Maulucci (first two hours), and Kathy Morrison (last hour) kept the show on track and kept the focus on the speakers.

One of the delights of the program was a New Bern man who takes backyard botany to the extreme as he builds an audience on social media.

Another was the landfill spokesperson who shows how her facility deals with the daily garbage of tens of thousands of households … enough to create the tallest point in Craven County.

All the speakers were great, and it is well worth setting aside three hours, all at once or broken up over time, to watch from beginning to end.

Point your browser to the New Bern Now Facebook page to see the video.