New Bern Now Crossword – April 25, 2021

Crossword - April 25, 2021
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Fun facts related to New Bern and surrounding towns


  1. Former Brownfield site classified as a Superfund property
  2. Very large wooden barrel
  3. Previously called the “Trent River settlement” and known as the “Mecca for freedom”
  4. Originally located in the New Bern City Hall tower
  5. Historic railroad landmark
  6. New Bern Bed & Breakfast with honeybee hives and car charging station


  1. New Bern Physician renowned for missionary work and Director of the Good Shepherd Hospital
  2. Name of the New Bern Historical Society’s group of Garden Volunteers
  3. Planned Presidential visit that didn’t happened
  4. What case set a precedent for judicial review within the American legal system
  5. The first Governor of North Carolina

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By Wendy Card

Credits: New Bern Historical Society, Tryon Palace, NC Department of Natural Resources, and The Kellenberger Room