Living in New Bern and Beyond – Episode 177

New Bern Now Podsquad - Episode 177
Artby Benetez, Jane Maulucci, Tanicka Mars, Wendy Card, Talina Massey, and Colleen Roberts

We’re connecting you with the people, places, and local resources in New Bern, NC and surrounding areas!

The Podsquad: Jane Maulucci (The Reactive Voice), Talina Massey (Business Savvy), Colleen Roberts (City of New Bern) and I talked about all kinds of things related to living in the greater New Bern area. We were joined by guests, Tanicka Mars and Artby Benetez.



Show notes:

00:51 – Trivia Contest Question

3:00 – Military Servicewomen

3:47 – First Craven Arts Council “Get to Know you Luncheon”

4:59 – Banner Project

8:09 – Shoutout to the Craven Arts Council & Gallery

8:30 – Unity Sculpture at the Broad Street Christian Church

10:50 – Young Urban Professionals of Eastern NC

12:08 – In Person Costal Women’s Forum Meetings

12:57 – Meetup for New Bern and Raleigh Alignable Members with Jane Maulucci and Martin Brosman

14:21 – Ribbon Cutting for Law Enforcement Training Facility

15:28 – Special Thanks to Healthcare Providers administering the COVID-19 Vaccines

18:30 – Interview with Tanicka Mars, Playtime Bouncehouse Party Store

21:40 – Make reservations early for party equipment

23:08 – Testimonial about Tanicka and Jessie Mars

24:38 – Artist Paul Fonville

25:33 – Youngest Firefighter for the City

27:06 – Budget Season at City Hall

28:43 – Shoutout to the New Bern’s Linemen, Electric/Utilities Department

30:36 – Law Enforcement Training Facility Ribbon Cutting

31:06 – Interview with Artby Benetez, Creator of Colorfest

32:11 – One of the Wonders of New Bern

32:35 – Beautifying Buildings with Murals

33:55 – Colorfest

34:44 – Instructional Classes for Kids – Cartoons

36:13 – New Mural in New Bern at the corner of Broad and Roundtree Streets

37:00 – Learn how to maximize your time

40:15 – First Cleaners in Eastern North Carolina

41:19 – Positivity Spreads through Benetez

42:02 – Being able to feed yourself by gardening

43:05 – How to care for Venus Fly Traps

45:46 – Art brings life out in people

46:12 – Donate Art Supplies for Kids

51:45 – Colorfest – A Family Tradition

52:40 – Mural inside Stanley White and at Kafer Park

54:42 – Functional Art in New Bern

55:48 – Trivia Answer

56:00 – Girls Scouts of America

57:51 – New Bern Community Calendar is back on

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Wendy Card