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Craven County Farm Bureau Grant Award

Craven County Farm Bureau Grant Award
Rodnesha Minor and Jason Jones

Craven County Farm Bureau elected to award Rodnesha Minor, a third-grade teacher at J.T. Barber Elementary $327.36 for her grant, “Planting Away!” administered by Partners In Education. The funding of this grant will provide Ms. Minor’s students the opportunity to experience a hands-on agricultural science project while learning about the life cycle of plants and how plants survive and grow in their environments.  Each student will receive their own plant and materials from which to observe and learn. Jason Jones, President of Craven County Farm Bureau explained, “this grant is right in line with the focus and mission of the Farm Bureau. This funding will serve to encourage our JTB students to learn about agricultural with a hands-on approach.”

To learn more about PIE, visit CravenPartners.com.

By Darlene Brown