Special Fundraiser Underway for My Sister’s House Project in New Bern

My Sister's House

Tried By Fire, Inc., a local nonprofit committed to assisting women newly released from prison who need a safe home while they transition back into the community, has undertaken a unique fundraiser to support the renovation of My Sister’s House. Launched on February 1st, an appeal is being made for One Thousand One Hundreds in financial donations to raise $100,000 by April 30th, the last day of National Reentry Week.

“Our campaign for One Thousand One Hundreds is an appeal to the community to support this ambitious project to rehab an 80 year old house in the Duffyfield neighborhood of New Bern,” explained the volunteer Executive Director, Bonita Simmons. “The cost for bringing this property up to current code requirements to create a safe, supportive temporary shelter for post-incarcerated women is over $190,000 so we are reaching out to ask 1000 businesses, civic organizations, and individuals in Craven County to donate $100 to help us make this first transitional home for women in eastern North Carolina a reality,” said Simmons. A creative alternative for a fundraiser had to be created since planned benefit concerts by Bonita Simmons, a recording artist and nationally recognized inspirational performer, have been put on hold for more than a year due to COVID restrictions.

My Sister’s House, located at 524 Roundtree Street in New Bern, will be the first transitional home for post-incarcerated women in eastern North Carolina and will provide a safe and supportive shelter for up to 90 days for women to work toward rebuilding their confidence as they access educational and employment opportunities for a productive and successful reentry to the community. “An address is critical for women to take advantage of the various services and programs available for them to work toward stability and self-sufficiency with permanent housing and employment,” said Simmons. “Tried By Fire, Inc believes in the concept that a person is more than the worst thing they have ever done in their life. We believe in second chances.”

Letters have been sent out to potential donors to the One Thousand One Hundreds campaign, but in case this letter is not personally received, donations can be made to Tried By Fire, Inc., P. O. Box 12691, New Bern, NC 28561 or online at TriedByFireInc.org.

By Deedra Durocher on behalf of Bonita Simmons, Tried By Fire, Inc.