White Supremacist propaganda found on Flyers in New Bern

Hate Groups - Southern Poverty Law Center

White Supremacy is on the rise across America. One of these White Supremacy groups, Patriot Front (PF), has made their way to our town as their propaganda has been found on flyers/stickers posted right here in New Bern, NC.

“These flyers are used to recruit new members; intimidate and target individuals; respond to and advertise public events; or simply promote a group’s bigotry. The content runs the gamut from mildly offensive to overtly racist… the number of Patriot Front flyers distributed in 2019 far exceeded any other group.” – Southern Poverty Law Center

PF rebranded itself as “patriotic” after the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA, that led to the death of Heather Heyer.

Instead of wearing khaki’s and polo shirts, they’re now hiding their identity behind firefighter hoods; sunglasses; and baseball caps.

If they are so proud of their cause, why won’t they show their faces?

PF has been identified as a White Nationalist Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

According to the PF manifesto, “An African, for example, may have lived, worked, and even been classed as a citizen in America for centuries, yet he is not American. He is, as he likely prefers to be labelled, an African in America. The same rule applies to others who are not of the founding stock of our people as well as to those who do not share the common unconscious that permeates throughout our greater civilization, and the European diaspora.”

If you don’t want these racists living among us, take action!

What can you do? Report flyers that reference PF, “Reclaim America”, or other hate group propaganda to law enforcement. Report Hate Incidents to the New Bern Police Department (non-emergent line) at 252-633-2020 or send an email; or Craven County Sherriff’s Office at 252-636-6620; on the SPLC’s website here; or on the FBI’s website here: justice.gov/hatecrimes/get-help-now.