Senior Cats for Senior Laps Program

Cat Adoption

Craven Animal Services is more than a little excited to announce that we’ve been approved to begin a Senior Cats for Senior Laps (SCSL) program! SCSL places cats age six or older with senior citizens who are 65-plus years old. The adoption fee is lowered from $80 to just $10, and the cats are already spayed or neutered!

SCSL is a wonderful win-win, providing loving companionship for seniors looking to share their homes with a friendly, gentle animal, and finding permanent homes for sweet, overlooked cats in need. Research shows that companion animals can improve health and happiness, regardless of age, health, social or even economic status. No argument: kittens are just so darn cute. But what happens when those kittens are grown and suddenly lose the only home they have ever known? This happens way more than one would think, owing to owners moving, babies, divorce and loss of job/home. Then they may suddenly find themselves in a confined area within an environment of strange people, animals, sounds and scents. Nothing is familiar. Everything is foreign and frightening.

Meanwhile, look at the benefits of adopting a senior cat:

  • The companionship of senior cats helps their owner improve mental and physical health by reducing blood pressure, stress and depression;
  • Senior cats are often calmer companions and are usually already trained to use the litter box and scratching post;
  • A senior cat’s personality has already developed, so you’ll know if he or she is a good fit. The regular adoption policies apply to SCSL. And a number of things should be taken into consideration before adopting:
  • Your cat will require vet visits. Do you have transportation, or do you know a mobile vet practice?
  • Do you have the financial resources for the lifelong care your new furry friend will need?
  • Arthritis can make opening cans and grooming difficult. There are relatively easy solutions, but it’s a consideration.
  • Do you have any physical issues now or foreseen that may challenge care, such as balance, vision, etc.?
  • CAS senior cats must be kept indoors, and that requires litter boxes that you generally will need to stoop to scoop.
  • Your senior cat may need to be cared for should you fall ill or be injured. Who will care for your pet if you are unable?

Visit our adoptable pets site (, or give us a call (252-637-4606) for more information! Ask if we have any senior cats available; you can take the kitty into the visiting room to get acquainted. Or ask to be put on a waiting list for a senior cat. You’ll make a cat so very happy, and you, too!

Note: It’s a County agency, Craven Animal Services’ adoption fees can be raised or lowered only with approval of Craven County commissioners.

By Nancy Hill