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Grants awarded by Partners In Education to A.H. Bangert Elementary

A.H. Bangert Elementary Novel Idea

Congratulations to the awesome team at A.H. Bangert Elementary on winning $7,679.98 in grants from Craven County Partners In Education!  Pictured are some very happy teachers receiving their checks and awards!

Twin Rivers Artists Association Art Grant:

Art Grant - AHB - Craddock

Elementary, Young Graphic Designers, $250 – Andrew Craddock, A.H. Bangert Elementary

The Bate Foundation Individual School Grant:

AHB - Bate Grant

Learning Finds A Way:  Connect Crates, $4,439.55 – Catherine Alligood, principal, Andrew Craddock, Myriah Harkley, and Brian Swicegood, A.H. Bangert Elementary

AHB - Coping Kits

Fall Cycle PIE Grants:

  • Coping Kits, $738.81 – Sara Foster, A.H. Bangert Elementary
  • A Novel Idea – Quality Digital Books for Kindergarten Readers, $1,284.00 – Jennifer Robson, Jennifer Benton, Linda Barnes and Nicy Cooper, A.H. Bangert Elementary School
  • If the Shoebox Fits, Put a Task in it!!, $967.62 – Kimberly Lassiter, A.H. Bangert Elementary

AHB - Lassiter

By Darlene Brown, Executive Director, Craven County Partners In Education