Craven CC’s new Masonry program to begin January 11

The Volt Center

Craven Community College’s (Craven CC) new masonry program will begin January 11, 2021. It will be held at the Volt Center, located at 205 First Street near downtown New Bern.

Training will be provided through a combination of classroom instruction and practical experience. It will be delivered in two parts: Masonry Level 1, beginning January 11, and Masonry Level 2, beginning May 24.

“New Bern has a lot of historical buildings, and the need to find masons that can refurbish some older homes is proving to be a challenge,” said Jeff Schulze, director of Trade Programs. “As a result, many contractors have been seeking masons to assist in such renovations. This brought out the need for having a masonry program at the college. Even the masons have a need for trained labor. We hope to fill that void and bring into the field of masonry some future brick artisans.”

Students that enter this program of study will have to complete 75 hours of Core Curriculum training and Masonry Level 1 in order to earn their NCCER Level 1 certification. Upon successfully completing the skills in Masonry 1, students will be able to identify the tools and equipment of the masonry trade, apply calculations for construction drawings common in masonry work and explain the specifications, standards and codes. Masonry 1 will also teach the characteristics of block and brick; how to set up, lay out and bond block and brick; how to cut block and brick; how to lay and tool block and brick; and how to clean block and brick once they have been laid.

“Employment opportunities in the construction industry are plentiful, especially after a student learns a skilled trade,” added Schulze. “In North Carolina and throughout the country, there is a shortage of masons amid a construction boom, which has forced some contractors to schedule lots of overtime to meet job deadlines with limited staff that they have on payroll. Our masonry program hopes to encourage more students that are not interested in a college degree to head towards a path what professionals say is a steady and quite rewarding job.”

For more information, contact Schulze at 252-638-5467. To register, contact Antoinette Williams at 252-633-0857.

By Craig Ramey, Director of Communications, Craven Community College