During Domestic Violence Awareness Month, #1Thing Can Make All the Difference

Coastal Women's Shelter

Domestic violence impacts millions of people each year, but it can be prevented. It requires the collective voice and power of individuals, families, institutions, and systems – each whose “one thing” adds a valuable and powerful component to transforming our communities.

That is why the October, during Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), Coastal Women’s Shelter is asking “What is the #1Thing you can do to end domestic violence?”

“Many people care and understand that domestic violence is a serious public health problem. They want to do something but believe their actions cannot make a difference,” said Tova Hairston, Executive Director, Coastal Women’s Shelter. “It feels overwhelming. But all change begins with #1Thing. If every person across Craven, Pamlico and Jones Counties committed to just #1Thing to stop domestic violence and help move social justice forward, that will be the beginning of real social transformation.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men have experienced contact sexual violence, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime.1

“Right here in our community, Coastal Women’s Shelter has served 702 victims of abuse and violence this year alone,” added Tova Hairston. “That is why we need everyone – advocates, medical professionals, educators, survivors, researchers, policy makers, law enforcement officers, business owners, students, and more, to do #1Thing to stop domestic violence here in Craven, Pamlico and Jones Counties.

#1Thing you could do to address domestic violence:

  • Be a caring and consistent adult in the life of a child
  • Talk to loved ones about violence and oppression
  • Create a culture of consent in your home
  • Use social media to raise awareness among your peers
  • organizations to establish
  • Reach out to my local domestic violence program to learn how you can help
  • Listen to and validate a survivor of trauma
  • Take the #1Thing Community Pledge to end domestic violence: http://ow.ly/fbGT30lYERO
  • See more ideas at http://ow.ly/FDXR30lYEFg

This October join Coastal Women’s Shelter as we mourn for those whose lives were taken by domestic violence, celebrate the tremendous progress victim advocates have made over the years, and connect with one another with a true sense of unity to end domestic violence.

#1Thing unites our individual voices while highlighting the power of our collective action.


Social Media Campaign:  hashtags #1Thing #PowerUp #DVAM2020 #CoastalWomensShelter

Throughout the month of October, community members can join in the fun by participating in any or all of the following awareness activities throughout the month of October 2020 using social media:

– Purple Pride:

Wear your favorite purple accessories, the color of domestic violence awareness to show your solidarity and support of domestic violence victims. Tock a purple shirt, a favorite pair of socks or lipstick. The possibilities are endless.

– Light It Up Purple:

Replace inside and outside lights with purple light bulbs to serve as a beacon of hope for victims of domestic violence. To get your purple  light bulbs visit the Coastal Women’s Shelter at 1333 S. Glenburnie Rd, New Bern, while supplies last.

– #1 Thing Campaign:

Share one action item that you will do to help end domestic violence and more social justice forward for everyone. Visit the Coastal      Women’s Shelter’s website and Facebook page for ideas and campaign materials.

Local businesses can also engage in October awareness activities by displaying purple ribbons and using purple light bulbs inside and outside of their establishments. Serval merchants will also support the cause by offering their patrons an opportunity to make a monetary contribution to the Coastal Women’s Shelter. A full list of participating businesses can be found on the Coastal Women’s Shelter’s website.

About Coastal Women’s Shelter

Serving the community for over 35 years by forging a bridge to end the cycle of domestic violence. Coastal Women’s Shelter is the sole provider of no-cost comprehensive domestic violence services in Craven, Jones, and Pamlico counties.  Our services include a 24-hour crisis line, court advocacy, monthly support groups for women and children, transportation, tuition assistance, clothing, food, employment resources, housing assistance, and inter-agency information and referrals. We also provide some employability services through a grant from the North Carolina Council for Women.

Challenges faced by our target population include lack of transportation, need for child care, lack of education, lack of family support for continuing their education and/or employment, lack of knowledge about effective parenting practices, domestic violence, and homelessness.

Our vision is to eradicate domestic violence in the counties that we serve.  Our mission is to help families break the cycle of domestic violence and acquire the skills necessary to promote healthy family relationships.

Visit the Coastal Women’s Shelter website for more information at coastalwomensshelter.org.

1Smith, S.G., Chen, J., Basile, K.C., Gilbert, L.K., Merrick, M.T., Patel, N., Walling, M., & Jain, A. (2017). The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS): 2010-2012 State Report. Atlanta, GA: National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

By Johanna Schaefer, Fund Development Coordinator, Coastal Women’s Shelter