NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund Awards New Bern an Innovative Stormwater Project Grant

City of New Bern

City staff recently found out that the NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund is awarding the City a $100,000 Innovative Stormwater Project grant. The City will use the money to fund the Duffyfield Stormwater Enhancement Project.

Construction began on the project in mid-August and involves enlarging a stormwater retention pond located at East Rose and Biddle streets, as well as the pump station attached to the pond. A new, standby generator will also be installed. The total project cost for this phase is $870,551. Additional stormwater and environmental enhancements are planned but will depend on available budget and grant funding.

The Duffyfield community has experienced repeated flooding over the years, exacerbated by hurricanes. With its low elevation and proximity to the Neuse River, the community is susceptible to damage from severe weather events. The Stormwater Enhancement Project will not prevent flooding from happening entirely but will help drain floodwaters faster.

“We appreciate the investment in our community by the Clean Water Management Trust Fund,” said Amanda Ohlensehlen, Community and Economic Development Manager for the City of New Bern. “Our goal is to reduce flooding and physical damage from floodwaters, but also to engineer beautiful greenspaces that help improve the environment and promote public health.”

New Bern is one of five entities that will receive a CWMTF Innovative Stormwater Project grant.

By Colleen Roberts, Public Information Officer, City of New Bern