Living in New Bern Now and Beyond – Episode 151

Compassion, Learning, and Happenings in New Bern, NC

We’re connecting you with the community by talking about the people, places, and local resources in New Bern, NC and surrounding areas!

The Podsquad: George Oliver (Oliver & Cheek), Kathy Morrison (New Bern Historical Society), Jane Maulucci (The Reactive Voice), and I talked about all kinds of things related living in the greater New Bern area. We were joined by special guests, Aimee Schulze and Rob Jones.

Listen to the audio version here:

Show notes:

1:18 – Today’s Trivia Contest

4:12 – Small Town News

7:52 – Absentee Voter Ballot Applications from The Center for Voter Information

11:08 – Dog Rescue

12:06 – Rob Jones joins in the conversation

12:49 – Interview with Aimee Schulz, License Clinical Social Worker at StillWaters

13:50 – Coping with Anxiety and Depression

15:27 – Lifting the Veil of Mental Health Stigma – No Shame

17:08 – Teletherapy

19:07 – Transportation in Rural areas

19:55 – Heartworks and StillWaters Services

24:50 – Compassion

26:38 – COVID-19 in our Community

27:26 – Kindness Matters

31:00 – Uplifting social media posts

33:30 – The Mom Rule

34:30 – 1st World Problems

36:15 – Mental Health questions

40:50 – Small Business Counselors

42:17 – The Reactive Voice

43:36 – Social Media Minute

44:06 – Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Deeds

45:19 – Banjoy

47:21 – Hobbies are important to relax

48:11 – Special thanks to City of New Bern Workers during Isaias

48:42 – Craven County Disaster Recovery Alliance

48:55 – Coastal Environmental Partnership

49:22 – New Bern Resources to help during Pandemic

50:48 – Joke Time with Laura

54:21 – Trivia Answer

55:21 – Featured Artist: Andrea Owens, Red Shoe Studio Gallery

57:48 – Become part of The Podsquad

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