Planned Water Outage for City of New Bern Customers

City of New Bern

Approximately 150 households will be affected during July 28th outage

The City of New Bern Water Resources Division is planning a water outage next week. Crews have detected a broken fitting in a 10-inch water main underground. In order to repair it, crews will need to excavate down to the fitting and shut off water to approximately 150 households. The affected customers reside in the Bluewater Rise and Evans Mills neighborhoods as well as customers along Sir James Lane.

The planned water outage will last from approximately midnight to 4 a.m. on Tuesday, July 28th. Crews strategically selected the overnight hours in order to minimize impact to customers. However, when customers wake up Tuesday morning, they will be under a System Pressure Advisory which means they will need to boil water for human use until bacteriological tests can be completed. A boil water advisory means customers should boil all water for one minute and then allow it to cool before use. These uses include for drinking water, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, making coffee, preparing food, washing fruits and vegetables, etc.

One road closure is associated with this project:  beginning Monday, July 27, Austin Avenue between Old Airport Road and Drew Avenue will be closed so that crews can begin excavating down to the broken water main fitting.  Once repairs are made, a temporary stone patch will be in place and Austin Avenue will reopen.  A paving contractor will then be scheduled to resurface the intersection.

By Colleen Roberts, City of New Bern Public Information Officer